Manager /Curator   Delwyn Walker Phone 401 0816  



                                       Host /Tour guide        Delwyn Walker and others


                                            Trust Board Members;  Trevor Bedggood, John Vujcich, Russell Vryer, Kelly van Gaalen, Tai Campbell,                                                                                                        Mike Edmonds.




                                             Our constitution calls for a Trustee or Trustees to be appointed to represent                                          


                                                 1.  The Service Clubs of Kaikohe

                                                 2.  Te Runanga a Iwi o Ngapuhi

                                                 3.   The Western Ward Community Board of the Far North District Council

                                                 4.  The Members of the Trust

                                                 5.  The Volunteers who work at the Museum


                                              In addition Trustees may be appointed for their particular expertise or interest


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