Historical Presentations

Historical Presentations are Power points with Music, commentary where needed, and sometimes movement to illustrate and dramatise (to bring alive) the content of documents we have in our Museum.

They are available for screening at any  functions or meetings you have at the village. Please contact us if you are interested.

The Diary of Robert Proctor

This is compiled from the handwritten diary of a young man who travelled through this area looking for land to settle in 1888.  It is illustrated with photos of the period - 11mins

The Voyage of the Black Eagle

The Voyage of the Black Eagle is compiled from another handwritten diary that Alfred Alexander made with daily entries on the 100 days he sailed to New Zealand in 1867.  It is a fascinating account of life on board those great square  rigged sailing ships -40 min

Titore’s Gift

This Presentation is based on the copy of a letter in our files that Rangatira Titore received, in reply from a letter and gift that he sent to King William IV in 1845. What that gift was and what happened to it subsequently is the subject of this presentation - 14 min

Memories – The Reminiscences of Charles Alexander Michie

In 1941 Charles Michie wrote his reminiscences as an 81 year old of his  travel to New Zealand with his family as a 7 yr  old boy and his memories of the establishment of Okaihau This presentation is compiled  from this document in our files  -  47 min

Heke’s War

This presentation is compiled from the extracts of Rev Robert Burrows Diary where he gives a daily account of the war in the North in 1845 from the cutting of the Flagstaff to the Battle of Ohaeawai. He records conversations with Hone Hehe, Te Ruki Kawiti, and Colonel Despard - screens for 1hr and 6 mins

Lost & Gone Forever

Lost and gone forever is a presentation compiled from the large number of Kauri logging photos in our collection and commentary from A.H. Reeds book 'The new story of the Kauri'  - 39 min

The ‘Wahi Tapu” of ‘Tawhiti Rahi’

This presentation is based on research into a copy of a petition to parliament in 1925 held in our collection and what happened to the Islands subsequently.

Battle of Ohaeawai

The Battle of Ohaeawai is an excerpt taken from Heke's War of the battle of Ohaeawai only - screens for 34min